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After dropping the debut album “Tomorrow’s Dead Days” last year (reviewed here), Finnish atmospheric death metal act Enthrope is giving potential fans something to chew on while pleasing old listeners with newly recorded tracks. Taking one cut from the album and throwing in both a new original song and two covers, “The Desolate” has a little bit of everything and is a fantastic overview of Enthrope’s sound.

Opening with the title track, taken from the “Tomorrow’s Dead Days” album, Enthrope jumps right into the core of its musical direction to show off what it does best. The death metal elements are front and center, and the constant backing synths provide the melody and atmosphere that makes Enthrope’s sound unique. The track is a bit of a potential red herring for metal fans new to the band though, as it has a significant female vocal presence, which is not typical of Enthope’s formula. No one should come away with the idea that these Finnish deathsters make music along the lines of Sirenia or Nightwish, as the band is atmospheric death metal first and foremost. The female vocals appear sporadically on the album itself, and are used more as a backing instrument than a driving musical force.

The new track “Oculus” would have been a perfect addition to “Tomorrow’s Dead Days,” as it uses the same basic template of the rest of the songs, but moves along at a faster tempo and is both more aggressive and energetic. Following “Oculus” is a cover of Type O Negative’s “Wolf Moon” (which was also included on’s tribute album to the late Peter Steele), and then the single wraps up with the Pestilence crusher “Presence of the Dead.”

The covers balance well against each other, with the band breaking off into two different directions for both of them. Fans of Type O Negative will get to hear a melodic death metal twist on “Wolf Moon,” which is done in Enthrope’s style rather than clinging too closely to the blueprint of the original. The “Presence of the Dead” cover, however, sees Enthrope stretching its musical boundaries and heading out in new directions. Ending the single on a high note, the cover is a great change of pace and gives just the right amount of variety. The band’s vocalist changes out his deep growls for a higher pitched and more scream-oriented sound, while the symphonic backing ties everything together with the spacey guitar work. Hopefully this experiment rubs off on the band, because more of that type of sound wouldn’t be at all unwelcome on future releases.

“The Desolate” manages to achieve what many singles fail to do – it appeals equally both to old time fans and to new listeners wanting to get acquainted with the music. The balance between old, new, and cover tracks gives a huge amount of variety and results in a very satisfying listen.

Highs: Great overview of the band's sound, and the covers are fantastic renditions of classic songs

Lows: The opening track gives off a wrong impression of the band's style

Bottom line: This single provides original music and cover tracks done in Enthrope's style that is a great primer for anyone who hasn't heard the band's take on atmospheric death metal.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewed by xFiruath, 03.06.2011
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Barely one year after the release of Tomorrow's Dead Days, the Finnish call entropy cover with the release of a new EP, simply entitled The Desolate. Here is a good opportunity to return to the training that the future looks brighter than ...

Go to the latecomers, a brief presentation: entropy plays a very Dark Melodic Death led since its inception in 2006. Recently Metalship has been honored to speak with Mikko (drums), who just spoke to The Desolate and its little surprises. The first is an unreleased track, "Oculus". Here, we recover the personality of entropy, namely big riffs, atmosphere smoothly carried out, alternating sides and some more brutal weather. A duality that is strength-even music of our Finnish. It is powerful, catchy (think sometimes Insomnium ...), short, the spitting image entropy.

But the best is to follow.
Consider this: two times, one of Type O Negative , the other of Pestilence ! Or how to reconcile the opposites! Let's start with "Wolfmoon" Type O. Originally, this title appears on a tribute album, dedicated to Peter Steele (who died last year). Address this cult piece of puzzling, and although it is a challenge taken up with great class here! While maintaining its own button (vocals extreme, large sheets of guitars and keyboards impressive), entropy manages to breathe new life as such, and supports the same time atmospheric dynamics that haunts the original. Excellent!

The other time, "Presence of the Dead" by Pestilence , inevitably takes a turn more radical. Gone are the dark gothic atmosphere, up to a good old Death of families. Here, the Finnish combo uses and abuses of a more leaden, slightly mechanical to appropriate this monument of Death.
The student makes a copy rather clean, although for the opportunity we would have liked a greater risk taking. That said, there is a very nice recovery.

Ha, I forgot: for the occasion, entropy has chosen to open the EP with one of the Top Tomorrow's Dead Days, "The Desolate". Excellent mouthing to discover our little surprises!
A last look at the artwork: always very nice, typical for the group. The prod 'is placed in turn in the line of the above-named album. Fuckin 'Powerful!

With The Desolate, entropy is further evidence that the mix of genres is good when done with precision. On the exercise of occasions, Finland provide a fitting tribute and offer, both for Type O Negative as Pestilence . On the other hand, "Oculus" as "The Desolate" is a very good mouthing entropy to find the style in all its glory.
A future great, I'm just repeating!

p>Rating: 3.8/5
Reviewed by kumelia, 5.7.2011