•   / Rating: 4/5 / (8.5.2009)
• Tartarean Desire   / Rating: 7.5/10
• The Metal Observer   / Rating: 8/10 / (22.03.2009)
• METAL BREATH fanzine no.51   / Rating: ---
• Soundi 9/2008   / Rating: ---
• Lords of Metal   / Rating: 78/100
• Miasma magazine #25 (demo of the month)   / Rating: 5/5 / (3/2008)
• Inferno #59   / Rating: ---/ (29.08.2008)
•   / Rating: 4/5 / (04.08.2008)
• Metal   / Rating: 80/100 / (23.06.2008)
• Archaic Metallurgy   / Rating: --- / (01.06.2008)
•   / Rating: 8/10 / (19.05.2008)
•   / Rating: 4/5 / (11.05.2008)
• Vampire Magazine   / Rating: --- / (03.05.2008)
•   / Rating: 4/5 / (00.05.2008)

“Silenced Earth” may only be a short demo created by the fledgling Finnish band Enthrope to shop around to labels, but everything about the three songs contained within indicates a professional band ready to head off on a world tour. The excellent production, heavy but thoroughly atmospheric style, and high quality cover art all point to a group on the cusp of making a name for themselves in the extreme metal scene.

Hopefully “Silenced Earth” works its magic on a record label executive, because a full length album from Enthrope would easily hit the regular rotation of any death metal fan who likes a good deal of melody and a little synth work in their crushingly oppressive hate.

Enthrope would ostensibly be considered melodic death metal, but the focus lies enough on the melodic side of that equation that the term “dark metal” probably fits better. Even though there are plenty of guttural death growls permeating the music, no one is ever going to mistake Enthrope for At The Gates. Each track seems less interested in being brutal than in creating a specific mood by combining the harsh vocals with the synthesized sounds to produce a slightly depressing and gothic atmosphere. It’s always impressive when a band can appear to be straddling the line of symphonic metal without actually using orchestral instruments, and Enthrope does that well. The Gothenburg sound does show up in their guitar work, however, especially on the title track, which bears a strong resemblance to the music of Callenish Circle.

The vocals have a great deal of variation, although the core sound is a lower death growl. Eerie whispers suddenly replace the screams at unexpected times and the final song, “End It All,” also features some backing clean singing. All three songs frequently have sighing female vocals laced throughout the background behind the guitars, but since there are only men credited on the demo and the female parts never actually deliver any lyrics it may just be an exceptionally well done synthesizer reproduction. The combination of harsh vocals with backing female sighs alongside the heavy and steady drum work calls to mind the more gothic elements of the Portuguese band Moonspell.

Each song follows a very similar pattern of using a fast and heavy part that eventually slows down to allow the synths and more toned down vocals to take the reins. The music then gets slightly harder, blending the heavy with the soft, until eventually it makes the trek full circle back into the full force metal. Despite the similarity in structure between all three tracks there is surprisingly little bleed through, as each song stands distinctly separate from the others.

Metal fans who crave the downer atmosphere of bands like Swallow the Sun or Rapture but want it played at a faster speed along the lines of Moonspell will find “Silenced Earth” to be exactly what they are looking for. The Gothenburg tone that gets thrown into the mix is really just icing on the cake, expanding the appeal even further. With any luck this is just the beginning of Enthrope’s career and they have a lot more to offer the metal world.

Highs: Gothic and melodic sound, heavy guitar tone similar to the Gothenburg style

Lows: Too short for a band with so much potential, and the structure in each song is a little too similar

Bottom line: An atmospheric demo along the lines of Moonspell with a good dose of the Gothenburg melodic death metal sound

Rating: 4/5
Reviewed By: xFiruath

Tartarean Desire

"Disorder prevails," Enthrope proclaim at their myspace page, a sentiment befitting a band whose name is derived from the word entropy, whose lyrical themes encompass chaos and disintegration, and whose music is as complex and elusive a mixture as a Long Island Iced Tea left out overnight, only a lot more delectable. Among its components are elements of atmospheric, progressive, melodic, dark, and death metal, but with only slight adherence to genre conventions. This Espoo, Finland-based quintet's intertwining of melancholy, menace, and ethereality has very little of the dreariness and lifelessness that characterize so much music of this type. Instead, there is an emphasis on lush, hypnotic sounds covering a wide dynamic range yet curiously lacking in definition.

What makes Silenced Earth so mesmeric is a combination of entrancing melodies, dreamlike, whispery passages, exceptionally well-crafted female choral voices that swirl through the mix (often sounding more seductive than ethereal), and a mind-numbing amount of detail. The individual parts of this aural lavishness, however, are subdued or indistinct. This has nothing to do with the sound quality, which is impeccable, but, rather, with the arrangements and performances. Although heavy and grim, the riffs are somewhat restrained, and the guitar solos are understated and contextually inconspicuous. Miika Partonen's growls (Silenced Earth's only discernible death metal element) could be more articulate, particularly in the layered parts, which sound like the slurred, erratic speech of a drunken crowd. (There has, however, been improvement in this area in comparison to Enthrope's first EP, Universe Mute [2007].) His timbre is quite similar to that of back-up singer/guitarist/synth-man/programmer Ville Keinänen, and it is partially the latter's greater clarity that enables one to distinguish between them.

Keinänen's attitude-dripping, spitting, snarling voice is, in fact, one of the more striking features of Enthrope's sound, his extended, rocking parts in "End It All" perhaps the most rousing moments on the entire EP. Elsewhere, even arresting elements like the syncopated rhythms, Eastern touches, and burrowing segue in "Cloud Six" or the swaggering riffing in "End It All" are all but lost in the sheer abundance of detail and overpowered by the hypnotic qualities. As appealing as the latter are, their dominance dampens the music's energy, limits its aggressiveness, encourages insensible listening, and causes the songs to resonate only in a vague manner. This band has a unique, sophisticated sound, and with the addition of some bolder strokes and an increase in stimulation, Enthrope will, indeed, prevail.

Rating: 7.5/10
Reviewed By: Maud

The Metal Observer

Some philosophers say there is no such thing as a coincidence; that any coincidence is down to the power or the energy of the universe acting in a certain way to reach a certain point or conclusion. I sit here wondering if it is a coincidence that the first track, “Silence The Earth”, bears such a remarkable resemblance to “Machine”, the 1st track off THEATRE OF TRAGEDY’S album “Musique”. I know what you’re thinking, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY evolved into a very Electronically orientated band and “Silenced Earth” is described above as Death Dark Metal. But shoot me if the intro to “Musique” (sans the alien space talk) and the chorus is dissimilar to the intro and melodic part somewhere in the middle of “Silence The Earth”.

This is the main thing I will take away from “Silenced Earth” and I don’t mean to imply that it put me off the album or took any points away from my final score, but this is what sets the tone for a very good Dark Metal album. Even though the foundation of this release is Death Metal, the omnipresent keyboard adds a very heavy and oppressive atmosphere to the album that probably has roots in early Black Metal circa CRADLE OF FILTH. It certainly has “a woman’s touch” too as the first seconds of “End It All” will attest to, but it is certainly no wishy-washy Gothic Metal band that injected too much testosterone into their bloodstream. The vocals are mainly growled throughout, not too deep, and the clean voice that relays the growls on this song bears a resemblance to former AMORPHIS vocalist Pasi Koskinen. The guitars at times change tone to a more ethereal style and together with the keyboards can create very vivid soundscapes that define the dark and mournful atmosphere that shrouds the album.

“Silenced Earth” is a very short three track demo/promo that is very well produced and you would be excused for thinking they are signed on at a sizable record label, and their obvious talent and proficiencies speak of a band that is ready to take the next step. The songs are all memorable and no one of the trio can be singled out at as “The best” or “The one to look out for”. ENTHROPE deserve their solid eight out of ten rating for this demo and it will be no coincidence if their next release get's a similar or even better rating.

(Online March 22, 2009)

Rating: 8/10
Reviewed By: Jean-Pierre du Toit

METAL BREATH fanzine no.51


I have deliberately chosen this promising Finnish band for the “Two Perspectives” section. After a long time we received a gem in an attractive form of elaborate and atmospheric dark-death metal. Enthrope was founded in 2006, which makes them seem like beginners, but right from the beginning you will be assured that they’re no amateurs! I haven’t heard such a sophisticated recording in ages. Great death metal in combination with two vocals. A typical death metal vocal is accompanied by a clean singing style which, together with the keyboards, strengthens the chilly northern feel. It needs to be said that we will probably see an official debut on a renowned label soon. Enthrope would fully deserve it for such an original mixture which reminds of another Finnish band Omnium Gatherum, or evokes the eeriness of the legendary Tiamat. I have started to compare bravely, but believe me, they are worth comparing to such names. In my opinion, Entrope belongs to the top of Finnish production, which is reflected in their 5-track EP from last year - “Universe Mute”. There are samples on their web pages, together with the promo song “Silenced Earth”. As for the graphic style of the cover, you will hardly find any flaws. Kalle Pyyhtinen belongs to the Utudesign team ( which is responsible for the promo material of Nightwish. Those of you who have internet, do not hesitate and visit their pages. The rest of you have to wait for the debut cd which is going to be something special. Let’s hope Enthrope makes it. For now I give them thumbs up…


Záměrně jsem vybral tuto nadějnou finskou akvizici (acquisition) do rubriky Dva pohledy. Po dlouhé době přišel do redakce skvost v podobě atraktivní formy atmosférického dark - death metalu s parádním zpracováním. Enthrope nepatří mezi ostřílené borce a rok vzniku 2006 je pasuje do role zelenáčů. Ale hned úvodní tóny vás vyvedou z omylu! Takhle precizně namáklou nahrávku se vším všudy jsem dlouho neslyšel. Propracovaný death metal nejlepší kondice s kombinací dvou vokálů. Typický death vokál doprovází čisté podání zpěvu, které umocňuje společně s klávesovým podbarvením již tak mrazivou atmosféru severu. Nutno dodat, že se zřejmě velice brzy setkáme s oficiálním debutem u renomovaného vydavatele. Enthrope by si to plně zasloužili za tak originální směsici, která co chvilku připomíná jejich krajany Omnium Gatherum, nebo evokuje tajemností legendu Tiamat. Odvážně jsem začal srovnávat, že? Hned z první takového veličiny?! Věřte, že po zásluze… Enthrope se podle mě řadí na špičku finské produkce, o čemž svědčí i pětiskladbové EP z minulého roku „Universe Mute”, jehož ukázky (zároveň i s jednou skladbou z proma „Silenced Earth”) mají pánové umístěny na webových stránkách. A grafické zpracování obalů? I zde nenajdete sebemenší chybu. Kalle Pyyhtinen se řadí do týmu Utudesign (, kteří mají na svědomí i promo materiál Nightwish. Ti z vás, kteří disponují přístupem k internetu, nemusí váhat s jeho návštěvou. A ti zbylí musí vyčkat na debut CD, které podle mě bude skvostem. Tak snad to Enthrope zvládnou. Prozatím mají ode mě zvednutý palec nahoru...

Author: -K- 5
Editors: -las- 5


Wow, that’s quite something! Super-modern melodic death metal with dominating keyboards and charismatic vocals. This is what I would have written as a short description of the demo “Silenced Earth” by a young Finnish group Enthrope. Even though the demo has only three tracks, it lasts more than seventeen minutes, which gives you a pretty good idea of the band. It won’t be long before an interesting and well-established label jumps at this chance and we see this band on world stages alongside some big names. No kidding! I would say that Enthrope draws from all sources and at the same time they add their own ideas into the music. I hear a bit of Fear Factory (thanks to the electronics/programming?), Cradle of Filth (speed, cadence, hard-hitting), Moonspell (mood, poetic atmosphere, melodies) and many other influences. I am not by any means accusing the band of plagiarism. To bring something totally new into metal is art and in future we are likely to hear something that has been done before one way or the other. But this is properly executed and catchy. It is a pity we do not have bands like this here…


Uff, to je smršť! Super moderní melodický death metal s převahujícími klávesami a velmi uhrančivým vokálem. Tohle bych asi napsal do krátkého popisku dema „Silenced Earth“ mladé finské kapely Enthrope. Ač má demo jen tři skladby, trvá více jak sedmnáct minut, takže pěkný obrázek si lze udělat i na základě tohoto materiálu. Nebude dlouho trvat a po téhle kapele jasně skočí nějaký zajímavý a zajetý label a zanedlouho je také uvidíme na světových pódiích po boku velkých jmen. Beze srandy! Řekl bych, že Enthrope čerpají tak nějak odevšad a přitom dávají do své hudby něco svého. Tu slyším starší Fear Factory (díky elektronice), támhle slyším Cradle Of Filth (spád, rychlost a údernost), jinde zase Moonspell (nálada, vzletná atmosféra, melodika) a mnoho dalších vlivů, přesto nechci kapelu obvinit z plagiátorství. Vymyslet v metalu něco nového je kumšt a určitě i v budoucnu se budeme setkávat s tím, že to či ono již bylo ke slyšení. Tohle je ale promakané a chytlavé. Škoda, že nemáme u nás podobné kapely…

Author: -las- 5
Editors: -K- 5

Soundi - 9/2008


Enthrope is indeed an extraordinary band. With the combination of etheric melodies and death metal with growling vocals Enthrope can generate tremendous metal music. The songs of the band are pure lava, which spurts out continuously stingy little bursts. The aerial and sonical landscapes striven for by the band with its synths and rhythmic riff lashes intertwine with each other stretching to magnificent tensions in the songs. In the group’s songs disorder meets order and chaos finds harmony.


Enthrope on kyllä hieno bändi. Kun eteerinen melodisuus kohtaa death metallin ja murinalaulun, yhdistelmästä syntyy Enthropen käsissä huikeata metallia. Yhtyeen kappaleet ovat kuin sulaa laavaa, joista pulpahtelee pisteliäitä pieniä purkauksia. Enthropen tavoittelema ilmava äänimaisema kosketinsoittimineen ja rytmiset riffisivallukset kuhertelevat keskenään venyttäen biiseihin uljaita jännitteitä. Enthropen biiseissä epäjärjestys kohtaa järjestyksen ja kaaos löytää harmonian.

Reviewed By: Marko Säynekoski

Lords of Metal -

Vera: Enthrope is a Finnish band, founded in 2006 by Jani and Ville (both playing guitars and synthesizers). The purpose was to create atmospheric yet heavy music with its roots in death metal but graced with lots of melodious influences. The first demo 'Universe Mute' was released in December 2006 and got positive reviews. Now Enthrope makes a bid for more recognition and of course they hope to interest some labels with a second demo. Early 2008 the time was right to enter the D-Studio again where they recorded the first demo as well.

'Silenced Earth' includes three songs. Pretty good songs. The recording quality is excellent and this is – without being the next big thing – more than average. Vocals of Miika Partonen are indeed based on death metal, but his mates know how to relish this with heavy yet atmospheric patterns. I have heard worse things in life. The melodic guitar parts and atmospheric keyboards melt together in a coherent whole. 'End It All' turns out the most atmospheric one. Enthrope surely deserves the chance to record a first full length album!

Rating: 78/100
Reviewed By: Vera

Miasma magazine #25 (demo of the month)


The ”Universe Mute”-EP from Enthrope was one of the most promising first releases in the year 2007. Heavy emotions combined with stable sense of style and personal talent all the way through lead to a stunning result, whose value did not diminish the fact that the whole record was paid by the band themselves. The hunt for the recording contract continues with this “Silenced Earth”-promo, continuing seamlessly from where its predecessor ended.

The most glorious credit of Enthrope is that the band has found its own style and managed to maintain it. The music is easily recognisable, which is an admirable achievement from this group so far to have released eight songs. The sound of the record shines with absolute immensity. The keyboard have an irreplaceable role, as the line between beauty and desperation moves dim in between them and occasionally vanishes completely. Recommended to be enjoyed solely by yourself.


Enthropen Universe Mute- ep lukeutui vuoden 2007 lupaavimpien ensijulkaisujen joukkoon. Painava tunnelmointi yhdistettynä vankkumattomaan tyylitajuun ja henkilökohtaiseen lahjakkuuteen kautta linjan johti mykistävään lopputulokseen, jonka arvoa ei ainakaan heikentänyt se, että levy oli omasta kukkarosta maksettu. Sopimuksen kalastelu jatkuu nyt Silenced Earth -promolla, joka jatkaa saumattomasti siitä, mihin edeltäjänsä jäi.

Kaikista hohdokkain meriitti Enthropella on se, että bändi on löytänyt oman linjansa ja pystynyt pitämään sen. Musiikki on helposti tunnistettavaa, mikä on kahdeksan kappaletta tehneeltä joukolta ihailtava suoritus. Soundi loistaa kertakaikkisella järkkymättömyydellään. Koskettimilla on korvaamaton rooli, kauneuden ja epätoivon raja häilyy niiden ansiosta himmeänä ja katoaa välillä kokonaan. Suositellaan nautittavaksi itsensä kanssa.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewed By: Mikko Luntiala

Inferno #59


Nominated for the Demo Band of the Month last year in our magazine, Enthrope has been able to widen its conscious with their second demo release. The songs, huge as houses made of rock, continue to still roll forwards ruthlessly, but the band has been able to also cramp more subtle aspects to the same boat. Despite this, the vocals are still delivered with growling attitude, better that way. Although the melodies are still the best sales argument, “Silenced Earth” offers new and angrier brawling. The material is so well thought of and tearing the right nerve fibres that it is a miracle if the band doesn’t soon catch a deal.


Kuukauden demobändinkin arvonimen viime vuonna pokannut Enthrope on osannut laajentaa kakkosdemolleen onneksi tajuntaansa. Kivitalon kokoiset biisit jyräävät edelleen armottomina, mutta samaan veneeseen on saatu ahdettua myös herkempiä aspekteja. Tästä huolimatta laulut hoituvat hoituvat edelleen ärjyasenteella, ja hyvä näin. Vaikka melodisuus on edelleen myyntivalttina, Silenced Earthilla on tarjolla uutta ja kiukkuisempaakin rietastelua. Tavara on vaan niin huoliteltua ja oikeista hermosäikeistä repivää, että ihme on, jollei kohta tärppää.

Reviewed By: Aadolf Virtanen


The promo-cd “Silenced Earth”, consisting of three songs by Enthrope from Espoo, shows that the band has its writing and composing skills well crafted. Melodic Death metal is not the easiest music style to differentiate from the masses. However, the included three excellent songs show how it is done for all the other groups to follow.

The cd starts off heavy with the song Silence the Earth. The song has bunch of great riffs and melodies. Towards the end of the cd the going gets darker and darker, which is at all a bad thing for Enthrope. Even the vocals deliver until the end, both the clean and scream vocals are very pleasing to listen.

The record is also sonically excellent and very well produced. The instruments are all absolutely well played. Thus I am only left to wait for the full release!


Espoolaisen Enthropen kolmen biisin promo Silenced Earth osoittaa, että bändillä on biisien sovitus- ja sävellyspuoli hallussa. Melodinen Deathmetalli ei ole helpoin tyylisuunta erottua joukosta. Enthropen kolme kivenkovaa biisiä näyttää kuitenkin muille yrittäjille mallia.

Promo lähtee raskaasti liikkeelle kappaleella Silenced The earth. Kappaleesta löytyy tukku hienoja riffejä ja melodioita. Levyn loppua kohti meno synkistyy entisestään, mikä ei ole ollenkaan huono asia Enthropelle. Vokalisoinnistakaan homma ei jää kiinni, sillä sekä puhdas- että huutolaulu on varsin miellyttävää kuunneltavaa.

Levy on myös soundillisesti ja tuotannollisesti hienosti toteutettu. Soittopuoli on ehdottoman hyvin hallussa. Jäänkin odottamaan kokopitkää!!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewed By: Juhani Noljakka


It’s only been a short couple years since the formation of Finland’s Enthrope. Shortly after all the members were inserted into the fold they headed for the studio in late 2006 to record an EP for a spring 2007 release. Another year has passed and once again Enthrope has a new EP “Silenced Earth.”

Enthrope’s melodic death/dark/ doom approach has a great deal of atmosphere, which sets the mood nicely for the “Silenced Earth.” While being melodic, they also have their heavy intense moments that show a bit of a thrash influence.

The band’s atmospheric approach has much to do with the synths. They use them liberally throughout the composition to enhance the vibe and dynamics. At times it is quite pleasing for the listener. Also contributing to the listener’s pleasure are the passionate leads that sweep you away. When combining these two elements you find yourself easily enjoying the arrangements. The drums help keep the intensity up along with adding the obvious heaviness that is common in many darkened metal bands. Vocally at times the style used seems somewhat familiar. They aren’t all to dissimilar to Fernando’s death vox and whispers from Moonspell. I’ve always liked his stylings, and a similar approach here works well with Enthrope’s music.

“Silenced Earth” has left a lasting impression on me. While the 3 tracks and over 17 minutes isn’t the best I’ve heard within the genre or bands that are akin, Enthrope do hold their own. The “Silenced Earth” has now awakened!

Rating: 80
Reviewed By: Jeffrey D. Adkins

Archaic Metallurgy

Enthrope's second output is the 3-track demo 'Silenced Earth'. While it is a demo, it sounds totally professional, and why not also look like it. The debut EP 'Universe Mute' was already a very "ready" piece of metal music, so it was interesting to hear how the band had evolved.

Enthrope's mission was to "combine dark, death metal music with more atmospheric and ambient sounds to fulfill the concept", and this is basically what this one is about, too, except not that much death metal I think. The band build their mid-paced songs from heavy guitar riffs, dark lead guitars, atmospheric and big keyboards (anything from choirs to electronic bleeps), growled and shouted vocals, plus loud rhythm section. The song writing is well-flowing between hard-hitting modern metal and calmer parts. 'Silence the Earth' is like a good version of Mercenary, albeit without clean vocals. That's just a small description about Enthrope's music, however, because they have been able to make it all sound their own. And it is an interesting journey. Lyrics are absent, but it is easy to guess just by looking at the song titles and the cover art what they are all about. The cover art brings the Chernobyl disaster in my mind.

Better than the debut EP? I don't know, because I have my favourites on both of these releases. 'Silenced Earth' strengthens my opinion, that Enthrope are ready to make their debut album, without a single doubt. I predict that that is what will happen very soon indeed if there is any justice in this world...

06/01/2008 19:27
Reviewed by Lane

It seems quite long since Helsinki last put forth an over-average Metal band. And with Metal I mean real Metal, not that conditioner-like and ironed wanna-be superstars who try everything in order to sound "hard" without any real attitude towards the music. But Enthrope isn't like that at all. With their already second demo "Silence The Earth" the five demonstrate ingenuity, ability and great potential. It took a while to get some access to their music, but it was really worth to give it some more tries. Whenever listening to the three songs you can discover another detail till in the end the puzzle is complete and you can see the beautiful picture.

Although the CD is just a short one it shows an amazing musical range. Especially the first song "Silence The Earth" boodles with a very interesting assortment of brutal, straight forward riffs and ambient keyboard sounds as well as very impressing grunts and soft angelic female vocals. Exactly this assortment makes it difficult to classify Enthrope, but so their songs are hovering somewhere between Black and Dark Metal. Sometimes those ambient keyboard sounds remind of the Atmospheric rockers ShamRain. Maybe it just pops into mind, because Matti Reinola contributed the lyrics to the second track "Cloud Six", or maybe there's also small spark of truth in it. At some points I wished they would play even more with melodies to catch the listener and never let him go again.

Neverless Enthrope is kind of unique in the current scene and, in addition to that, make a really pleasant appeal. Although they didn't invent the wheel newly they give a fresh breeze to Metal music by bringing in a new mix of already known elements. Actually they don't need to invent something new, because yet with doing the known stuff they do a better job than many already big bands. I hope there's someone in that world that is willing to sign such a promising band. So that the earth won't fall silent.

Rating: 8/10
Reviewer: Claudia Schwarz


The debut release of this young Espoo-based band Enthrope, formed in 2006, was a 5-song demo (or self-financed-EP as categorized by the band itself) consisting of very mature and well composed material for a such a young band. The band hasn’t rest on its laurels as they continue with this 3-song small release “Silenced Earth”, which carries on the fruitful results of quality work.

The material put forth by Enthrope can be described as hinting towards death metal, but not death metal per se, as the music, just purely thinking, is unable to fit within those boundaries. Having half of their soul sold to melancholic dark metal, the band sounds heavy and malicious, but still texturing the songs with synths and moody guitar melodies.The end result sounds magnificent, with good sensibility for style and different shaded panels together surprisingly well combined together.

The record runs from the beginning to the end dynamically as a story. It starts with a more heavier and crushing material implying more to melodic death metal, whereas towards the end it collapses more to sad and dark world of bands like Rapture etc. As a whole the music is effective and leaving a good aftertaste: the end part is even more effective, although there is not even one weak song included.

In addition to the good song-writing skills the band also has sense of style and understanding of the production side. And with this kind of material it is easy to demand good production as well: songs are meaty and the heavy sounds well deserved. The final crowning are the excellent vocals, on both clean and growling departments. In other words, the band holds the keys of skills and success in their hands, regarding both songwriting and production. Remains to be seen when the record labels figure this out.


Nuoren, vasta 2006 perustetun espoolaisbändi Enthropen ensimmäinen julkaisu oli viiden biisin demo (tai omakustanne-EP, kuten bändi itse sen määritteli), jonka sisältö oli näinkin nuoreksi bändiksi erittäin kypsää ja hyväksi hiottua materiaalia. Laakereilla ei ole levätty, sillä jatkoa on saatu kolmen biisin punoelmasta, Silenced Earth -nimikkeellä varustetusta pienjulkaisusta, joka jatkaa laadukkaan työn hedelmällistä antia.

Enthropen materiaalia voi luonnehtia deathmetalmaiseksi, muttei varsinaiseksi death metaliksi, sillä puhtaasti tuohon karsinaan miekkosten musiikki ei tahdo mahtua oikein millään. Melankoliselle dark metalille puolet sielustaan myynyt bändi soi raskaasti ja yrmeästi, mutta kuitenkin koskettimilla ja surumielisillä kitaramelodioilla sävytellen. Lopputulos on komeaa kuultavaa, sillä tyylitaju on kohdallaan ja erisävyiset paneelit on saatu sovitettua yhteen yllättävän saumattomasti.

Levy kulkee alusta loppuun dynaamisesti kuin tarina. Alku on raskaampaa ja murjovampaa, selvästi melodiseen kuolonmetaliin enemmän kallellaan olevaa tavaraa, kun taas loppua kohti suistutaan enemmän Rapturen tapaisten nimien alakuloiseen ja synkeään maailmaan. Homma toimii hyvin ja vieläpä hyvän jälkimaun jättäen: loppupuoli on alkua toimivampaa, vaikkei paketissa huonoa biisiä mukana olekaan.

Hyvän biisinkirjoitustaidon lisäksi bändillä on tyylitajua ja ymmärrystä tuotantopuolen suhteen. Ja mikäpä tällaisella tavaralla hyvää jälkeä vaatiessa: biisit ovat mehevät ja raskaat soundinsa selvästi ansainneet. Homman kruunaavat hyvät vokaalit, niin puhtaan kuin örinäosastonkin saralla. Toisin sanoen bändillä on osaamisen ja menestymisen avaimet käsissään, niin biisinkirjoituksen kuin tuotannonkin saralla. Nähtäväksi jää milloin lafkat hiffaavat tämän.

Rating: 4/5 points
Reviewer: Serpent

Vampire Magazine

Since it's not in the market, it's clear that "Silenced Earth" is only supposed to show what Finnish band Enthrope has got. Summing up the three tracks of this second demo, the music of Enthrope sounds more like gothic metal than atmospheric dark/death metal. In fact, take away the shouty voice and they will become very similar to Draconian. However, it's the death metal vocals that neutralizes the 'atmospheric' elements of the music - it overwhelms the rest of the instruments with its loudness and fights off the sedation of the background sound, thus creating that individuality for Enthrope. There's a lot of eerie synths while the use of the double-bass drums is very limited; add in the thrashy guitars and a somewhat nu metal beat surfaces. The composition is bound with simplicity and there are also no intricate melodies which makes everything all the more plainly agonizing. The music doesn't necessarily form images in your mind like the usual dark metal works, but the combination of extreme metal pieces and synthesizers does provide that depressive feel of enveloping darkness. Maybe a more concrete description of Enthrope would be to imagine Dimmu Borgir performing their own version of some Korn or Static-X song. Still, Enthrope proves that they can also do some sort of traditional symphonic black metal with "End It All" which features prominent keys, more double-bass, some sung parts and choir samples. With so much simplicity and very few tracks, Enthrope was able to show off their versatility in this demo.

Saturday 03 May, 2008
Written by Kate Topacio

There seems to be a lot of fuss going on around this Finnish name Enthrope who is said to play a sort of combination of death and doom metal. So let´s find out how much all this fuss about them holds water...

Well, after having spent quite a few intense listening sessions with the band´s latest 3-song effort, I need to admit, all this fuss and ´big words´ aren´t like a faint, vanishing fart in the desert of Sahara. Enthrope´s dreamy and atmospheric death metal - with hints from doom metal here and there, sounds thoroughly well-executed and very thought-out - not to mention how easy it is to like them due to all those great song writing skills they carry in this surprisingly good group. All the 3 songs on SILENCED EARTH prove it more than well enough that there´s lots of potential in this band. Miika is truly convincing with death grunts along with the band´s tightly and effortlessly rollin´ playing, the songs are full of great harmonies and atmosphere, keyboard parts are used wisely and with sophistication (merely to create the right atmosphere behind the songs) and a great production all together, create a pretty amazing package. Especially the 2nd song, titled "Cloud Six", could be considered quite a masterpiece from them that should get people´s attention easily. However, I didn´t feel very comfortable with those clean, male vocal parts in "End It All" at all - and in fact, they should have re-considered at least twice whether they are that properly executed the way they could support the song´s purpose in question to make it stand out in the best possible way. Oh well, or maybe it´s just me who´s complaining for minor, unnecessarily details that don´t diminish the excellence of this 3-track effort by any means.

For the fans of atmospheric death/doom metal (akin to such bands as Insomnium, Swallow the Sun and a few others, SILENCED EARTH is absolutely a must purchase. Also, this band deserves a record deal already, no doubt.

May 2008
Released: 2008, Self-released
Rating: 4.0 / 5
Reviewer: Luxi Lahtinen