Enthrope 2014

Mikko Mustonen (drums), Toni Grönroos (bass), Kalle Niininen (guitars), Jarno Taskula (vocals), Ville Keinänen (guitars, clean vocals), Jani Juhola (guitars, synths)




ENTHROPE was formed in 2006, when Jani and Ville decided to form a band to fulfill the musical style they had had in mind for a longer time. The idea was to combine dark, death metal music with more atmospheric and ambient sounds to fulfil the concept.

In order to have a full band around the idea and songs, they searched for some like-minded individuals able to carry the musical ideas with their instruments. Miika, Mikko and Juha were quickly drawn to the idea and the band started to develop ideas and rehearse the material.

In December 2006 the band entered D-Studios in Nurmijärvi to record all the drums and guitars for the "Universe Mute"-promo-cd. Other parts were recorded at the bands' own Dismal Studios in Espoo. The mixing and mastering was done by Jarno Hänninen in D-Studio in the end of February 2007. The EP received really good feedback from different magazines, and the band started playing some gigs around Finland.

In the beginning of 2008 the band entered again D-Studio to follow up with the next release which was mainly directed for promotional use towards record labels. Silenced Earth continued gathering lot of praise from different sources, but it still took some time to get any concrete co-operations established with a decent record label.

Last autumn the band decided to start recording its first full-length album in the already proven facilities in D-Studio. The material was very strong and during the recording process the band also started negotiations with a possible candidate to release the album. In April 2010 the album was mastered in Sweden and Enthrope signed a deal with Swedish Supernova Records, a rock/metal sub-label owned by Bonnier Amigo Music Group. The 1st digital single from the record is planned to be launched on 10.5.2010 and the album on 2.6.2010. The band is also planning to hit the road soon, the dates will be confirmed a bit later.